Welcome to Cinema Serene Keks

Our Garry's Mod Cinema Server hosts a variety of activities and games, and pays homage to Serene Branson.

"Well a very, very heavay a heavy drit, burtation tonight,
We had a very dairse, darrison…
but let’s go ahead tearis tasin losh flabette bahend the pet."

Serene Branson
Map Features
Cinema Serene Keks is an inclusive Garry's Mod theater server that hosts a custom map containing 28 cinemas in total. Watch videos in any of the 11 accessible private theaters, earn your way into 2 hidden private theaters or watch videos in any of the 15 public theaters.

Not in the mood for videos? Check out some of the features below that Cinema Serene Keks has to offer:
Features an arcade with "Space Invaders", "Pacman", and "Pong".
Have a drink in Gentle Bob's Bar, play the piano, or watch videos with your friends.
Buy vendor items you've unlocked on serenekeks.com (using Kekchipz) from Boglin Brother's Banana Boutique.
Enjoy the theaters in "Tips 'n Tricks", our adult theamed strip club.
Chat with players and our discord directly from chat, or message Serene herself.
Contains some Random Death Match Areas.
Serene Cinema
Choose one, random, or all of the enemies and fight them in 10 rounds of fun.
Earn Kekchipz for every enemy you kill.
The arena high scores board updates monthly. Hold a place for 30 days and earn a special door key.
Watch videos and players battling in the arena in a secluded theater with a window inside.
No Random Death Match Areas.
Combat Arena
Solve the puzzles buried deep under the Pyramid of Serene Kekkertini.
Solving all of the puzzles in the Pyramid will award you Kekchipz.
Watch videos in two hidden public theaters within the temple.
Hunt for treasure outside and fight off any skeletons that spawn.
Random Death Match Area.
Ancient Egypt
Mine Turquoise, Diamond, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Serenite, and Emerald Gems.
Different types of gems award different amounts of Kekchipz per strike.
Beware of antlions who might be disturbed by miners.
Hang out in the Crystal Cave Theater.
Random Death Match Area.
Crystal Caves
Enjoy the themed anime rooms adorned with posters submitted by our Discord community.
No Random Death Match Areas.
Anime Temple
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Who is Serene?
If you haven't experienced Serene Branson's Burtation, check out the video for yourself. Our Goddess is featured throughout the theater lobby in some pretty cool posters created by Crizz P., and also throughout other areas of the map. Serene gave a once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) report that many thought was a stroke caught on live TV, and ever since, we've been enjoying it in as many ways as we could possibly imagine.

See it for yourself...

Our Staff

Need help? Ask for it! All of our staff is friendly and helpful.