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Salutations and Heavay Burtations
Welcome to Cinema Serene Keks.

This site is to serve as a resource for additional information about our Garry's Mod server. The map is currently undergoing a lot of changes, so please be patient with us as we continue to develop it.

Check out the status page for more information about what changes lie ahead, and what changes have been made already.

If you've visted the server and you were directed here because the theaters weren't woking, check out this page.
Changes as of 5-24-2020
Earlier in April, the server was moved to a hosting service to help lower ping and increase the max number of player slots. With the move some bugs were found within some of the areas of the map and will be added back once they're fixed.

In addition to fixing the bugs, we've added the Zombie Arena and a functional Arcade.

You can find the arcade to the right of the concessions, and the zombie arena by going down the ladders from the street.

You'll earn money by killing zombies. The longer you play and the more you kill, the more money you get. It's that simple. If you've played pong - you'll be fine. ☺

Check the status page for a more detailed list of things that have changed, and things that will be changing soon...

Uhh, Who is Serene?
If you haven't experienced her very heavy, heavay burtation, here she is in all her glory.

She didn't have a stroke, and she's still reporting the news. Apparently she had a massive migraine, which caused her to give the performance of her life. Our Lady Supreme is featured throuhgout the map in various forms, and we're making more.